Things You Should Know About Digital Business Card

In this digital era, you can find almost anything available in the digital version, such as digital tickets, digital money, digital books, and also digital business cards. 

These digital things are created to help people get things easier. For that reason too, digital things are so popular, including business cards. Let’s find out more about digital business cards. 

What is A Digital Business Card? 

A digital business card is an electronic form of a business card (e-card). People use this digital version as another option to exchange business contacts. 

People generally still use paper business cards as well. They don’t replace the paper version because paper business cards have a better impact in building more personal communication. 

However, sharing digital business cards is easier. You can send and receive the business cards although you are miles away from your prospects. It is all just in one click. 

Benefits of Using Digital Business Cards

  1. Faster Sharing 

Just like what is mentioned above, you can share digital cards although you are miles away from the customers, clients, or investors. 

Not only that, but you are also able to share your digital cards in various marketing channels you have, like websites, emails, social media, messengers, and many more. 

2. Simple and Easy 

Using digital business cards is so simple. You can access it from any device you like, tablets, cellphones, laptops, etc. You don’t need to be concerned about paper for card stocks or how to get them printed in high quality. 

If you create digital cards, you can use any apps or online services that provide many card templates. You just have to put the details and leave the rest to the apps. When there are some mistakes, you can just edit the file from your device. It is really easy. 

3. Space Saving 

While you need a box to keep your paper business cards tidy, digital business cards don’t require you to bring any extra stuff since the card file can be saved in any gadget you usually bring. 

It also means you don’t have to worry about whether your bag is spacious enough to bring more stuff like a box of cards. 

Digitizing Business Cards 

If you don’t want to create a new design for your business card, some software programs can help you to convert paper business cards into a digital format. Here are 3 of them: 

1. DigiCard 

This app allows you to convert the design of general business cards into a digital format. You can also import the data into Google or Microsoft Excel.  

2. ScanBizCards 

This business card scanner supports more than 20 languages. You can scan the image using Optical Character Recognition (OCR) or with the manual mode if the text is not clear. The data can be exported to your smartphone contacts. 

3. WorldCard Mobile 

This app also uses OCR technology to transform printed business cards into digital ones. The contacts will be saved on your smartphone. 

Deciding whether you are going to use paper business cards, digital business cards, or even both of them depends on your needs. If your business focuses more on online business, digital business cards are the right choice for you. 

Sonia Grand