These 5 Things That Make Your Name Card Not Attractive!

In a professional or business field, a name card is not something odd and new. Most people in those areas have a name card. They created it as a tool to expand their connections and get more opportunities to work and do business. But, did you know that you are not the only one who uses it, right? Because of that fact, you should make your card stand out among other cards. How? You should avoid doing the things that make a name card unattractive! So here’s a list of those things! 

1. Unattractive Design 

Design loves to play an important role in many things, including when making a name card. It can make your card stand out, but it can also make the card unattractive. However, what is the things that make a design unattractive? Here are a few examples of that! 

  • Too simple design with minimal use of color 
  • Overly design name card, etc. 

2. Text That Is Hard to Read 

How can you make an attractive name card if it is difficult to read by people? How can they even reach you if they can’t read your card? Actually, the hard-to-read text does not only make your card unattractive but also can make you lost the opportunity to get called by your colleague or acquaintance. There are several reasons why this could happen, including choosing a small font size and a type that is difficult to read, no contrast between the font color and background, and many other reasons for that.   

3. Poor Print Quality 

What do you think about when you get a blurry name card with a broken text line on it? Maybe it won’t make you interested. Because of that, a high-quality print is a must in making a name card. Actually, you can print it by yourself at home, but the quality of the result may not be as good as you print it in a professional printing service. So, you are recommended to go to a professional and trusted name card printing to get an attractive look name card. 

4. All Written Information Are Formatted in Same Font Type and Size 

Have you read a textbook before? You may find that most of the text in a book is formatted in the same font type and size. What do you think if it is applied in making a name card? There are some consequences if it is applied to that. The first one, it may look unattractive. Or second, there is no distinction to distinguish the information that should be mentioned first such as personal name or company name. Because of that, in making a name card, people need to set the essential information in a different font type or size, and try to make it bold, italic, or also underline.   

5. Too Much Information 

If you intend to make an attractive name card, then you shouldn’t include every information that you think probably necessary on it. Please don’t! A name card is not a book that has to be made comprehensively. Only the most crucial information that should be added to it. For instance, business or personal name, occupations, companies, and contacts. That’s the main information that must be included on a name card. 

Sara Wee