The Ultimate Guide on Video Editing Part One

Video editing is now one of the abilities and skills that everyone needs to have. This is because the video is one of the media that is widely used for various purposes, ranging from presentations of work results, videos for programme socialisation activities, to videos that are done for the needs of lecture assignments. Not only that, nowadays many people are turning to the YouTube platform to earn extra income. Here, you can create various kinds of video content that attracts many viewers or viewers. You can create entertainment content such as song covers, music tutorials, make-up tutorials, beauty tips, vlogs, or video blogs to content that provides information or education regarding the various topics discussed. 

That way, for those of you who are interested in trying and developing YouTube content, you need to know how to edit videos well. How to edit this video can be done through various applications or software such as Avid, Adobe Premiere, or Final Cut Pro. You can also edit videos with some free applications like iMovie or Windows Movie Maker. 

Here we summarise some easy ways to edit videos that you can practise. In editing videos in Singapore, pay attention to good image cropping techniques and effects or transitions that can smoothen image changes 

  1. Composing Recorded Videos 

The first way to edit a video is to arrange the video recordings that you want to edit first. In this case, you need to organise and put several video clips to be edited into one folder. This method will make it easier for you to select and insert videos into the editing application later because the files are neatly organised. 

In addition, combining several clips in one folder will also prevent various problems during the editing process. That way, select multiple video clips to edit in one folder. We recommend separating it with a different folder. For example, folders for opening, middle, and closing clips. 

  1. Open the Video Editor Programme 

The next step is to open an editing programme or application. Open any video editing application you have, and create a new project or worksheet. Here, you can set the image quality first. Standard image quality can use 720 x 480 settings or it can be with 1080 x 720 settings for High Definition. 

  1. Insert Videos 

After opening a new worksheet and setting the resolution, how to edit the video the next step is to import or insert the video file into the programme worksheet. Here, you can click the File menu > then click Import. After that, select the video file to be edited by dragging the file and placing it on the worksheet (drag and drop). 

  1. Composing Images 

The next step is to arrange video clips by dragging and dropping them to the timeline on the worksheet. Select and arrange video clips so that they have a connected or interrelated groove. This can be done by dragging the clip and placing it at a new point as desired. Instead, do this step little by little so that the video can be arranged neatly. 

Sara Wee