Some Ideas for a Successful Business Card

Some people might think that business cards are outdated in the digital age. Yet it remains an essential support for any business. Whether you are a businessman or a freelancer, the business card is an excellent medium to mark the minds of your potential customers and make you stand out. How to succeed, be original and professional? Here are 5 ideas for successful business cards. 

1. Choose the Right Format 

It should make sense, but a reminder never hurts. The standard size of a business card is 8.5cm x 5.4cm. These dimensions correspond to the size of a bank or loyalty card. Which means that a business card can easily find a place in a wallet. 

Too big, it will be bulky and will be damaged when your interlocutor puts it away. Too small, it risks getting lost. 

 2. Be Consistent with Your Brand Image 

Your business card is an extension of your business. In this perspective, it must take the colours of your graphic charter and the spirit of your brand image. 

It is therefore essential to maintain harmony between your card and your other communication media such as your flyers, your website or your social networks. It is by respecting your graphic charter that your customers will identify you in the blink of an eye. 

3. Choose the Right Font 

If you want to create an original business card, you might be tempted to use unusual fonts, or use strong visual elements. 

While it is possible, you will need to pay attention to the readability of your business card. The information should be easily accessible and not require special reading effort. This means that you have to opt for: 

– Colours that contrast with the background of the business card 

– Fonts adapted to the size of the card (not too small) 

– Sans serif fonts that will be more readable and will bring modernity to your business card. 

4. Colours 

As mentioned previously, the choice of colours for your business card must be done in accordance with your graphic charter and the visual identity of your company. This does not prevent you from widening the palette and integrating another colour into your card. Insofar as the whole remains coherent, uncluttered and does not look like a rainbow. 

Pay attention to the psychology of colours. They influence our perception of things. Red, for example, will tend to convey a sense of urgency, extraversion and energy. Conversely, green, which is the easiest colour for the human eye to perceive, will convey an idea of ​​calm and serenity. It is for this reason that it is frequently used in the field of health. 

5. Attention to Detail: The Finishes 

Finally, the choice of finishes and paper is essential. You can opt for a matt or glossy lamination. The first option generally allows a more delicate rendering which is ideal for relaxation, health, well-being etc. The glossy lamination brings out the brilliance of the colours and conveys more energy. 

You can choose to highlight only certain elements of your card by opting for selective varnish. As for the paper, choose a glossy or matte finish paper that is at least 300 grams thick. Otherwise, your card may not look professional enough. 

Sara Wee