Perfect Sticker Printing: 3 Main Steps

If you’re considering creating your sticker to promote your brand (or perhaps just for fun), you’ve probably realized there’s a lot more to the design process than meets the eye.  

Stickers, when utilized correctly and well-designed, can be an excellent marketing tool for almost any business. The difficulty is that most individuals don’t know where to begin when it comes to making stickers, and graphic designers without significant knowledge in sticker design may frequently muck up the design process.  

If you intend to use your sticker for marketing/promotional reasons, you must consider several factors in addition to designing a visually appealing sticker. You must consider the message you want to convey, the actual copy of your sticker, the size/shape, the font, and, of course, the printing process (which may be the most intimidating aspect of the process if you have never designed for print before).  

Select Your Size & Shape  

Before you begin thinking about any other part of your design, you must decide on the size and form of your sticker. In most situations, this will be determined almost entirely by the intended purpose of the sticker.  

A basic rectangular and square pattern is perhaps the most popular shape for a sticker. Because they don’t require any additional die-cutting or special shape, they are frequently the most cost-effective stickers to make.  

Make It Vibrant and Colorful  

It makes little difference where you want to use your sticker; the goal is typically to catch people’s attention. This is usually always the case when producing a promotional sticker for marketing objectives, regardless of the shape your sticker takes (e.g. regular adhesive sticker, vehicle sticker, etc).  

The problem is that stickers are usually visible from a long distance. The target audience for your sticker will be anywhere from a few feet to a few hundred yards away whether it is mounted to someone’s laptop cover, automobile bumper, lamp post, or any of the countless other choices.  

As a result, in most situations, you should ensure that your sticker is bright and colorful. Making your sticker visually appealing will guarantee that it captures the attention of its intended audience and receives the attention it deserves.  

Make Use of Bold Typography  

When creating your sticker, one of the most essential aspects to consider is the typeface you choose. Your sticker may probably convey a message, and if so, you must ensure that this message is legible to the target audience.  

It would be entirely appropriate to have paragraphs of text printed in a reasonably small typeface on a flyer or pamphlet, but on stickers, this would be a huge error. The purpose of stickers is not to tell the audience your life story, but rather to increase brand exposure and draw attention (in most cases at least).  

You must select a typeface that is both bold and clear, and that can be read from a distance. Consider the Hacker sticker design above; you can see that the designer used strong and very legible typography. The text’s impact and readability have been further enhanced by the use of only capital letters and high font size (thus increasing readability from a distance). 

Sara Wee