Make A Successful Sticker In 4 Points

Stickers are a very popular visual communication tool. Printed for their decorative, attractive and impactful side: it is recommended for each commercial marketing approach. For a successful printing, we invite you to discover 4 essential points in the creation of this small or large format adhesive. 

1. Define the Goal 

As with every visual communication tool, it is important to define the purpose of the sticker. This step will allow each of your customers to choose a format, size or colours adapted to their needs. We must not forget that the sticker is a tool that goes with communication approaches.

So, it must be up to this mission. One of the first questions to ask your customers is clear: why are you printing this sticker? Is it for decoration? If so, for which parts? If not, is it for an event? To offer to customers? 

There are many possibilities for this type of tool, which is why we offer you something with multiple possibilities. However, by knowing the field of application of your customers and the future use of the sticker, you will be able to orient yourself towards a suitable type of vinyl and a shape that resembles them. 

2. Choose Adequate Cutting Shapes 

For a successful communication tool, nothing better than sizes and shapes adapted to each situation. For all, small and large formats, your customers will be able to choose a straight unit cut, a cut to the unit shape (according to a layout) and non-cut stickers, without shaping. The straight unitary shape will make it possible to define a square or a rectangle with the dimensions chosen by the professional. 

The second cut, unitary, will be defined according to the outline supplied with the order. For this second possibility, it will be necessary to remember to send a solid black file representing the plot and a printing file with a larger shape (2mm of lost edges). The last possibility is an uncut product without shaping: your customers will receive their stickers with white frames, lost edges. 

3. The Graphic Creation of the Sticker 

The sticker is a tool appreciated for its graphic impact. Therefore, it is essential to take care of the creation of the visual. This adhesive, whether in the small format family or in the large format family, will be used to make a positive impression, which is why this step is essential. For a successful creation, we advise you first to respect the graphic charter of your customers. 

It is essential that the company’s brand is immediately recognized at first glance. The graphic charter respected; you may think of the sparkling touches of the sticker. And yes, this print must attract attention and arouse curiosity. 

For that, nothing better than to seduce the consumer with a visual that speaks to them, that makes them want. Your customers will be able to let their imaginations speak for themselves. 

4. Rely on Simplicity 

In visual communication, it is important to think of beauty but also of readability. For the printing of the sticker, we advise to choose simplicity. The information contained in the graphic design must be immediately readable and understandable. Thus, on small formats we advise not to insert too much information, the ideal is to display the logo and a catchphrase. 

For large formats, simplicity is also essential. Stickers are certainly a communication tool, but they are also an outstanding decorative support. This is why it is important to keep a clean style and to opt for perfect visibility. 

Claire Lee