In Our Opinion, These Are The 7 Most Innovative Laptop Sticker Design Of All Time.

Do you want to get some stickers for your laptop? Or are you just looking for design inspiration for your next sticker? In any case, we’ve compiled a collection of the most inventive laptop stickers we could discover from various sources. We show you how to manufacture them. Let’s get started.  

1. Laptop skin with a colourful universe  

This is a fantastic design. It’s quite colourful. You might even personalise it by pinning pins from locations you’ve visited. You may manufacture your own by having die-cut stickers printed on white plastic vinyl.  

2. Sticker with the Nord hologram logo  

If you want to join the thousands of companies that utilise stickers to market themselves, here is a perfect example. It’s eye-catching, has a call to action (their website URL), and shines out thanks to the usage of holographic material. You may download this design to use as inspiration, or you can purchase your holographic stickers here.  

3. Macbook sticker with dripping paint  

If you own a Mac, this is a great choice for you. It demonstrates how colourful patterns can be when a wide range of colours is used. I like the intricacy of the Apple logo. You can acquire one for yourself. Simply select die-cut stickers and print them on white vinyl. If you want to add some sparkle, print them on glitter and create some sparkly paint effects. Awesome!  

4. Sticker with a motivational message  

If you need some Monday motivation regularly, this is the sticker for you. Make your own by printing some basic text on a translucent material.  

5. Sticker with the Google circular logo  

Keep it simple if your brand is this well-known. I like how noticeable and recognisable this sticker is. On your morning journey, you can be sure that everyone around you will notice. Get circular stickers in a white gloss substance to make you identical to this.  

6. Iron Man Sticker  

This is a straightforward black transfer sticker. It’s quite effective since the black contrasts beautifully with the silver aluminium, and I adore the apple-shaped light in the hand.  

7. Vikings Trading gold mirror sticker  

I like how the simplicity of this monochromatic design highlights the spectacular colours and gorgeous business logo. You may obtain this design here for inspiration, and make sure to purchase mirror gold stickers to achieve the same gold chrome look. If you have any cool laptop stickers to add, please share them with us in the comments section. 

Claire Lee