Important Video Editing Tips for Beginners Part Two

  1. Feel free to edit mistakes 

The next video editing tip for beginners is to remove errors that occur during the recording process. Editing minor technical errors or correcting scenes where the subject doesn’t look well is common. However, if you can do it smoothly, then you will have a plus over other videographers. One of the frequently used methods of error editing is to crop a scene. This technique involves cutting from shot to shot and inserting an image from different angles and scenes. 

  1. Beautify videos with colour intonation 

Colour is a key element that can be manipulated to highlight a particular subject, evoke emotion, and set the mood in a scene. Fortunately, nowadays, video editing programmes already provide many options when it comes to colour editing. Typically, editors will perform colour correction to ensure that the mood in the footage remains consistent across each scene, as well as colour grading, to give the video a unique look. Both are quite important when you want the footage to look realistic and the audience’s emotions come into play in the video. 

  1. Follow the 321 rule 

The final video editing tip for beginners is to follow rule 321. To quote Creativebloq, video editing experts will always follow rule 321. That is to have three copies, in two different places, where one of them is stored online. Online services like Google Drive can be a good place to back up files. 

Those are five video editing tips in Singapore that videography beginners need to know. The editing process may be a frightening spectre for pioneers in the world of videography, however, this stage is crucial for the value of the video to be published. The most important thing is to stay confident and understand video editing tips so that the editing process runs smoothly. 

Sonia Grand