Important Video Editing Tips for Beginners Part One

If you are a beginner in the field of videography, of course, you need to master various tips on how to edit videos properly. How come? One of the last stages so that the video creation process is completed is the implementation of editing which is certainly not easy to do. Therefore, we have prepared some special video editing tips for those of you who are interested in becoming a videographer in Singapore

Even if you are good at recording images, editing is still the last process that must be done by videographers. Yes, the techniques video editors use to shape stories have revealed a lot about the way people create messages through visuals. With the same raw footage, two different editors can create two completely dissimilar videos. However, a good editor should always be in tune with the audience’s perspective and be able to use their knowledge to build compelling stories. Therefore, beginners don’t need to be nervous, all they need to do is master video editing tips that are specifically for pioneers in the world of videography. Well, here are five video editing tips that beginners need to understand: 

  1. Choose the appropriate software 

The first tip before editing a video is to consider the best software. All the software you need to do video editing is readily available online. However, you still have to choose one over the other. You can consider it by looking at its usability, user interface, and supporting features. The key is to choose the right software for your editing style and not just because the video editing programme chosen is the most advanced. 

  1. Pay attention to the subject’s body language 

Next is to always pay attention to the movement of the subject’s body on the camera. Why is that? Because, as long as the camera is on, subjects can reveal a lot through their body language. In addition, each person will have a unique intonation and rhythm in their body language. Therefore, if you have highlighted the movement of the subject’s body, and captured small details such as the way the subject speaks, or their gesture as they move, avoid over-editing the segment. Besides, body language gives the footage a duration that is sometimes difficult to remove during video editing. If the editor is not responsive and cuts a lot of segments because they don’t pay attention to the subject’s body language, the audience will feel awkward when watching the scene. 

Sonia Grand