How To Make a Name Card: A Brief Steps

Name cards are a necessity when you want to work in a certain field in the company. Especially when you have a type of work that has high mobility and deals with many people. Not only ordinary colleagues but also to those who have the possibility to become your company’s clients. If you happen to be often on business trips and hold or attend an exhibition, then it is at these events that your name card will be useful. Useful in what way? In terms of networking and looking for potential clients or consumers who need the products or services you have. 

If during college or when you were in high school you were working on an important project that had to do with many people. Then you can make a Name card as early as possible. This will make it easier for you to showcase yourself and your project. Then, how to make a Name card? Get to know here. 

1. Prepare the Content 

Prepare in advance the content that you will put on your name card. Important information such as name, email contact number, fax, office address, company social media, and others. The information you want to put on a name card is not limited to the things mentioned above. You can also use other information such as web page addresses. In addition, you can also include a photo of yourself, but maybe not the whole body from head to toe. Rather than a half body where your face and stature can be recognized by potential clients. 

2. Choose the Shapes 

As you already know, the shape of a name card is generally a rectangle with four edges that are not rounded. So that it makes it a little sharp if it hits the hand, especially if you use a thick card material. Therefore, in addition to being able to use the form of a name card, you can also be creative and custom your size. Name card printing has wide selections of sizes and materials that might suit you. Also, you need to consider the bleed area, trim line, and safety line, regardless of your shapes and sizes of name cards. 

3. Pay Attention to Colour and Designs  

The use of colour on name cards is also important for you to determine. Usually, the colour will match the core colour or the dominant colour of your company. Unlike the case if you are someone who is not tied to a company, you can be more creative to make Name cards with engaging and memorable designs for the recipients. 

So, pretty easy right? Simple things like adding a logo or your signature graphic to your name card can make your name card stand out from the crowd. Now, it’s time for you to make your own Name card. By starting early, you will have an idea of ​​what the future changes for your Name card as your career goes up, good luck! 

Claire Lee