Five Types of Marketing That Anyone Should Know

Marketing is one of the needs that are needed by companies in general. To introduce your product to the general public, a promotional strategy is needed which is also part of marketing. In the end, marketing is not only needed to introduce and expand your product distribution network, but also to sustain your business. There are various types of marketing that continue to grow from time to time. Make sure you look at the following article. 

1. Traditional Marketing  

Traditional marketing as the name implies, it refers to a brand promotion activity that offers products or services and channels it through the offline market. The market that we usually come to physically. This type of marketing certainly appeared before the era of the internet and digital technology. Then, what are examples of traditional marketing? You must be familiar with the things that are found in everyday life. Such as flyer printing, billboards, banners, and so on. Traditional marketing basically can be used on any occasion for various companies. 

2. Outbound Marketing  

This type of marketing is given the name outbound because it emphasizes pushing a message out to your audience or consumers. This is also done to raise awareness of your brand, products, and services, regardless of whether your customer is interested in or not. Email blast is one example of outbound marketing that you might get every other day. Print ads are also another example of outbound marketing. To get around this rather tedious method, you can innovate in terms of email content or special offers. 

3. Inbound Marketing 

If the previous point focused on pushing out messages, it is different from inbound marketing which focuses on attracting customers. Outbound marketing seems to be more interrupting than inbound one. Most of the strategies applied to inbound marketing adopt digital marketing strategies. If you put your position as a consumer, then inbound marketing empowered you to do research online when you want to buy a product or service. The overall buying experience is based on your own journey. 

Inbound marketing has three main pillar components, namely, attract, engage, and delight. The main task of a marketer is to create quality and value content and resonate with your audience. The next step is to engage them in a conversation through email or chatbots, and delight them with something as an empathetic advisor. 

4. Digital Marketing 

Digital marketing is the opposite of traditional marketing. It leverages technology that does not exist in traditional marketing. It reaches the audience in a completely new way. Digital marketing encompasses all business that needs to be done online, including optimizing search engines, email, social media posts, and websites. This is done to maximize engagement and exposure to your customers. 

5. Search Engine Marketing  

This type of marketing creates a strategy that is carried out to ensure your business appears on the SERPs. Do you know what SERPs are? It stands for search engine result pages. By using search engine marketing, you can maximize your business to appear on the top display when users type certain keywords. 

Claire Lee