Event Manager Life: This Is What Every Day Working Life Looks Like Part Two

You shouldn’t underestimate this part of the work because much of the work consists of bureaucracy and contractual matters. This work must be carried out carefully so that there is no rude awakening if, for example, the police appear because of noise pollution. The event manager has not obtained permission from the city that the music can run longer and louder than is otherwise the case. 

But don’t worry: there are plenty of other things to do besides desk work. Event managers are often at meetings and external appointments. No question about it. He is on-site at the event itself and keeps an eye out for the smooth running of the process. He is also happy to lend a hand during the setup. Because the event manager has his hat on, so to speak, and has accompanied the event from its infancy, he is the contact person for all questions. 

The event is not enough. After the event, it has to be dismantled and tidied up – this is also part of the tasks of an event manager. After the event, invoices will be written, and follow-up discussions will be held. 


It is a little difficult to provide information about the salary, so we would like to point out that the figures and salaries mentioned here serve only as examples, but are binding. 

It is so difficult to name salary figures because certain factors can influence salaries. First of all, every company, every agency decides for itself how much salary it pays its event managers – unless it pays according to the tariff.  

The company’s size, the city or state, professional experience and qualifications also influence the salary. Are you fresh from university, or have you just finished your apprenticeship? Then a starting salary is generally lower than that of an experienced event manager. 

Career starters can expect a gross salary of between 2,000 and 2,800 dollars per month. The range for event managers with professional experience is quite extensive and therefore not really meaningful. It is between 2,000 and 7,000 dollars gross per month. 

Claire Lee