Event Manager Life: This Is What Every Day Working Life Looks Like Part One

The event manager profession sounds like a dream job. We will introduce you to the job to assess how much of it is a dream and a lot of work.  

But one thing is sure: You have to be made for the profession of event manager and have specific requirements to organize the perfect event for your customers. 

Where do event managers work? 

The professional world for event managers is diverse: Agencies, public administration, cities, event and congress agencies, companies with marketing departments or they become completely self-employed.  

But since the profession is so popular, the competition is pretty fierce. 

Event managers are looking for a new job application for the vacancies and freshly graduated academics and those who have completed their training as event managers or event managers. 

Tasks of an event manager 

As a rule, event managers are commissioned by customers to organize an event. This can be both companies and private individuals (for example, a wedding couple). 

The first thing event managers do is meet with the clients for an event and discuss basic things like wishes, ideas, motto, size, location, decoration, music, catering and budget. The event manager then creates a concept including a cost plan and alternative options and presents these to the customer at the next meeting. 

If the customer, the concrete approves the concept and cost plan and, in some cases, long-term planning for an event is based on this. The event manager is now (together with his colleagues) looking for a suitable location, getting in touch with various service providers, exploring prices and is busy negotiating contracts and obtaining permits and licenses.  

Claire Lee