Consider These 5 Things Before You Make an Order for Invitation Cards

Before you make an order for your invitation cards, there are some things that you need to know so that you can plan it well and get the best results according to your expectations. 

1. Make the Order Your Own 

Make sure that you list down the requirements for your invitation card printing and make the order your own as well as in person. By doing this, you are making sure that there is no mistake in the ordering part, which is very important to ensure that the invitation that you are getting are being ordered just the way you want it to be. Nobody else understands your wants better than yourself, so order yourself and do it in person. 

Of course, you can also still make an order online, which is quite popular these days, but you should be extra careful because people tend to misunderstand when receiving orders via text. You can try calling them instead or if you refuse to do so, you have to make sure that you can send detailed instructions regarding how you want your invitation card to be. 

2. Ask for a Sample 

To minimize the chance of mistake in your invitation card making process, you can first ask for a sample of the invitation card from the printing shop you are working with. This way, you can clearly know what aspects you want to keep or change from the past works that they have done. It is much easier to make them understand using this work-frame as well because they already have a rough basic of what do you want your invitation card to be from the sample that they have sent. 

3. Remember to Print Extra 

When ordering your invitation cards, you should print extra invitation cards. For example, if you are inviting 30 guests, you should print 35-40 invitation cards just in case you missed some people in your initial planning and intend to invite them at the last minute. 

4. Start Working Early 

Since ordering invitation cards can take a lot of time especially if you are printing a lot, you have to start working on the design and make the order much ahead of time so that you can make sure that you will have it ready at least a month before the event date. This way, people can always prepare and match their schedules with your event by giving them enough time to arrange everything. Of course, this can heighten the rate of attendance since you don’t do it in a rush. 

Remember to take note of these things so that you can make your invitation cards in time. Not only that it benefits the guests, it is also great for you because you can check for any mistakes before sending them out. If you want a change, you will still have time to do it and still make sure that the invitation cards are sent at a timely manner to all of your guests no matter how far the distance is. 

Sara Wee