Best Places Where You Can Learn Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is among the best software for photo editing. Photo editing is part of graphic design. It has a steep learning curve. You can load the software up and try to figure out the components that’s not the best, that’s why you need online tutorials. Even though you can read manuals, an interactive and visual approach is crucial. Below are the best places you can learn Photoshop.  

Photoshop Forums 

This is another local learning platform. It is a forum that functions with threads, where you can search archives and get answers to questions. 


Alison resembles Udemy with the rest of the platforms. It gives access to 2 free courses that can enable you to study Photoshop including others that can be helpful. Example is a guide to digital photography.  


Floqq gives you free course, the course is ‘Learning Adobe Photoshop in 30 Days’. It is a class made up of 32 videos and 30 steps, it has a conclusion and introduction, with a video for each of the step.  

Sleek Lens 

This photography blog does not focus only on tutorials, but you can choose from many. Example you can study how to include a digital fire to a photograph with one of the posts. There is a photography advice generally like how to take the best quality photos under particular conditions, including other helpful information like camera reviews.  


PluralSight brought about a learning destination called Digital Tutors, that gives many courses and tutorials. Some of those information is available for beginners while the rest needs familiarity with the software to realise goals for the project. Nevertheless they are all useful, it is a nice resource if you want to study all things Photoshop can do.  

Trevor Morris Photographics 

The site gives you few tutorials, but the downloads of keyboard shortcuts are useful for anyone that wants to study Photoshop. Sometimes pressuring features is faster than going through menus. 

Design stacks 

Design stacks gives sharable tutorials to enable you learn Photoshop from beginning to its end in a close way. You can begin with the basics to enable you understand concepts like nondestructive concept, layers burn and doolge and go to web layouts, special effects and photo manipulations.  


This website is beyond its basics, it lets you study Photoshop techniques to enable you accomplish goals like making photorealistic sealwax mock-ups and align the profile picture and Facebook cover for an image that is seamless. 

Photoshop Cafe 

This is a website that is full of tutorial videos. You can try out to handle popular tasks like how to turn photo to a penal sketch, adding text to a shape and cutting trees out. 

Photoshop Essentials 

Every lesson you have on Photoshop Essentials is made with starters in mind. You can begin information straight across the site or by visiting your comparison on YouTube channel. The information is basic, such as open images with the software, while the rest focuses on fun edits, like giving someone rainbow coloured eyes. 


This free tutorial gives you access that has more access to 5 extras and 10 core lessons, includes a quiz that enables you have your skills on test. These modules are for beginners, enabling you learn Photoshop starting from the beginning. 


While Udemy gives more paid courses than any other thing, there are various free options that focuses on Photoshop. A lot of them are suitable for starters and they can rate well with the community of Udemy. 


Phlearn gives you many sources in a place for many video tutorials that will enable you study techniques and Photoshop basics including a range of special effects, Phlearn lets you connect with many resources in a place. A lot of tutorials are free, even though a subscription option offers you more access to Photoshop.  

Adobe Photoshop Tutorials 

It pays to go off a source, when the goal is to study Photoshop. Adobe gives you access to hands-on tutorials and videos to enable you study the basics when you begin and then work out your way with advanced techniques. The tutorials are available and you can use it for leisure. 

Sonia Grand