Best Free Online Courses For Graphic Designers

Certain courses can help you as a graphic designer. These are free online courses where you get tutorials on graphic design. Graphic design is a field that cuts through many sectors and industries. This post tells you the best free online courses for graphic designers and they are below. 

The Practical History Of Typography 

Even if you are not particularly a photographer, you have to understand the essentials of photography is in the design. This course will offer you a historical appreciation of both science and art typography. The course serves as an introduction to a paid course. ‘Kadenze’s Complete Typographer, made up of 4 sessions, which each lesson covering up various typography aspects, starting from the beginning to its latest developments. This course will enable you to understand the basics and principles of typography. There are various premium lessons for a price for students who pay,  and a premium membership is required at the end for certification.  

From Doodle to Logo 

Do you want to make your logo design from the beginning? This course is a fast course that will enable to convert a simple doodle to a finished logo with an Adobe Illustrator. 

It aims at intermediates and beginners that want refreshers, it  is a course that will take you through a hand-drawn image, importing and scanning it to an Illustrator, then use layers and image trace to convert the doogle to a shiny logo using a unique flare. It scans through 3 different course examples with its 30 minute video, and tells you that an Adobe Illustrator and creativity are necessary. 

Apply Design Principles 

This course is suitable for graphic designers who are just starting and experienced designers who want some refreshment on their knowledge. It is a course that will guide through some basic concepts like hierarchy, contrast, balance and composition, demonstrating how applicable they are to work. After that the application of points, tones, shapes and colour in design projects is next. You can use the most efficient designs as a reference, this 2 to 3 hour course can promote your understanding of primary design concepts and boost your work. 

Introduction to Graphic Design 

If you want to select the fundamentals of design and is in a hassle, the course Introduction to Graphic Design from Udemy can serve. It is made up of one article and a 23 minute video, that teaches you design fundamentals, primary elements and 5 design principles, how you can identity the design elements. It is for newcomers in design however if you want a certificate of completion, you can sign up for it.  

Introduction to Graphic Design History 

Anyone that wants to dive into graphic design should know the history, and the origin of all the design fundamentals. This course originated from the Maryland Institute College of Arts. It has more than 7 sessions with about 6 working hours for each session, it is a course that is beginner focused, starting with graphic design and origin of text. It cuts across subjects like modernism, typography, and photomontage.  

Majority of the course is free, even though  each session displays a premium exclusive lesson for students, pay up if you want a certificate. 

Graphic Design Specialisation 

This refers to courses that you master as a skill. It is a course from Coursera, giving you an efficient tutorial in graphic design. It begins with fundamentals before it proceeds to the introduction to typography, it goes to image making and rounds up by aligning all things in context with various ideas from graphic design history. Instructors from the California Institute of Arts began this course that takes about 6 months to finish, you can get access to the materials for free. If you want a certificate and a mark for your work, select the ‘Audit this course’. 

Sonia Grand