Benefits Of Self-inking Stamps

There are certain benefits that go with self-inking stamps. Self-inking stamp refers to a kind of rubber stamp that reinks after one stamp. This type of stamp is different from a pre-inked stamp that has ink integrated on it, a self-inking stamp is an ink that separates the text plate from that ink pad, making a clear impression as the only required ink that gets absorbed in the text plate. The benefits of the self inking technology. 

It has a neater and cleaner office table 

Your desk becomes clearer after you remove a stamp pad and the traditional rubber stamp. This is because ink residues can be left on the table after the stamping, since you don’t cover the rubber stamp after using it. You can use a self-inking stamp to cover the template, which keeps your table more tidy. 

Numbering and date feature 

When you separate the self-inking stamp from your ink pad, you can change its text plate to a band system where you can make the stamp into a numbering or date system, create numbering and date stamps.  

Stamp pad that is exchangeable 

You can replace a stamp pad when it becomes dry or damaged in this way you can separate the text plate from a stamp pad. 

Does not need a separate ink pad 

The plus point has more advantages especially if you need to go across your stamp from place to place. You have to get the stamp without using a separate ink pad, if you are using a self-inking stamp. A self inking stamp has a cartridge or free stamp pad already, and you can install it even when you are out of ink. A cartridge can stay for up to 10000 impressions which can last for a time and save cost. 


Self-inking stamps can last. They consist of durable materials so you can use it daily. A self-inking stamp can last many impressions, so the stamp is reliable. 

Quick to use and fast 

A self-inking stamp can re-ink itself. Once you press it down for an impression, it links the rubber part automatically with the installed ink cartridge.  


You can apply creativity to an ideal limit for a self-inking stamp. This is applicable for formal purposes. You can customise it as you wish, if you are using it for leisure purposes. With it you add helpful tools to make it more interesting, using tools for simplifying your work in the office. 

Environmentally friendly 

Self-inking stamp is suitable for the environment. It makes use of an ink cartridge for reinking after an impression, then refill it. It is not necessary to discharge it, to reduce pollution. Self-inking stamps can last and you can make many impressions till it runs out, so it is not necessary to buy refill often. It lasts longer than the rest of the stamps. 

Lesser maintenance 

Self-inking stamps need a lesser maintenance, and you can keep them up with these tips. 

  • Some self-inking stamps are not refillable. When you attempt to refill a stamp that cannot be refilled, it can lead to permanent damage. If you can refill the stamp, use only specified ink from the producer. 
  • Do not use a self-inking stamp that has an ink pad meant for mounted rubber stamps. 
  • Ensure that you store your self-inking stamps in a proper place. 
  • Ensure that you cap the stamp when you are not using it. 

Claire Lee