7 Video Editing Apps Suitable for Beginner YouTubers Part Two

  1. Lightworks 

Want to edit videos with free apps? Well, this is perfect for those of you who want to learn to edit videos without having to spend money to install the application. Lightworks is software for editing videos whether it’s to make movies, video clips, and others. This software is very simple and easy to learn for those of you who want to learn to edit videos. a simple display makes it easy for you to be creative in making the video you want. However, the file size in this application is quite large. Don’t worry, you will still get the maximum editing results. 

  1. KineMaster 

Want to edit videos without having to use a PC? Yup! You can download this application on iPhone and Android smartphones, so editing videos will be even easier. Relax, KineMaster is perfect for beginners because it has complete features and the result of your video looks professional. Kinemaster carries a fairly simple appearance but has quite powerful features. When you first open this application, you will only find four buttons with a background that dominates the initial appearance of the Kinemaster application. Some of the main buttons presented by the Kinemaster application are the new project, settings, help, and store features buttons. 

  1. Vivavideo 

Many people use this application to edit videos on smartphones and of course, it can be downloaded on Android and iPhone. Viva Video is one of the services made by QuVideo Inc which is quite easy to use by its users. Through this Viva Video application, you can add various effects to create a video that is quite special. The app can cut and merge clips and provides hundreds of effects from stickers and filters. VivaVideo also provides a slow-motion feature. 

  1. Movie Maker Filmmaker 

This application is free, you know! Since this app is free, a lot of ads pop up which is quite annoying. But, don’t worry, the features that are presented are quite complete and very easy to operate Not only cutting or adding music, but you can also give filters to videos. The use of these filters can make the video image display more attractive. In addition, there are features such as animated text, slideshow music, and much more. Overall, this app is useful for making short videos. 

Claire Lee