How To Make a Name Card: A Brief Steps

Name cards are a necessity when you want to work in a certain field in the company. Especially when you have a type of work that has high mobility and deals with many people. Not only ordinary colleagues but also to those who have the possibility to become your company’s clients. If you happen to […]Read More


Five Types of Marketing That Anyone Should Know

Marketing is one of the needs that are needed by companies in general. To introduce your product to the general public, a promotional strategy is needed which is also part of marketing. In the end, marketing is not only needed to introduce and expand your product distribution network, but also to sustain your business. There […]Read More

Creative Design

How to Increase your Brand?

You may wonder how a branding and digital marketing agency can take your brand to the skies? Well, it’s a good question, and it’s that at Mandreel we are more than just a branding and marketing agency. Because we commit to our clients’ projects much more than a regular agency. This is how we can […]Read More

Creative Design Printing

Perfect Sticker Printing: 3 Main Steps

If you’re considering creating your sticker to promote your brand (or perhaps just for fun), you’ve probably realized there’s a lot more to the design process than meets the eye.   Stickers, when utilized correctly and well-designed, can be an excellent marketing tool for almost any business. The difficulty is that most individuals don’t know where […]Read More

Design Guide Poster Printing

Types Of Poster Printing

There are various printing methods you can use for printing your posters. Poster printing has various types which are suitable for both domestic and commercial applications. This post tells you the types of poster printing and they are below. You can finish posters using various ways, this depends on customer’s preference.  Printing with Matte poster […]Read More