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WordPress SEO Plugin That Will Be A De Facto Standard

WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast will be a de facto standard real soon. This is the exact line that a friend of mine said me in his email few days back. After that I read about this plugin and started using it. It is really the most complete SEO plugin for wordpress.

Before installing this I was using Google XML Sitemaps for xml sitemap generation and All in One SEO Pack for managing titles and meta descriptions.

But, WordPress SEO by Yoast not only replaces the functionality of both with enhanced features but in fact offers a lot more. You can Read The Details Here.

I want to share its few features that I liked.

Snippet Preview

You can specify the title and meta descriptions of any post, page or custom post type. But the thing that I really liked in this plug-in is the snippet preview. Now you can preview how your post will appear in Google.


Import data from older SEO plugin

When I was installing it, My biggest worry was transferring data from my existing SEO plugin to this. But the import data feature really helped me and made switching a breeze.

Enhanced Sitemap

When I was using Google XML Sitemaps before I have to write some special code to manage what type of custom post type should be included and excluded from generated sitemap. But WordPress SEO plugin offers a visual way to manage that. That makes my function.php cleaner.

In this plugin XML site map is generated based on your other SEO related settings. So, if you mark a page noindex than it will not be added into sitemap.

Generated xml sitemap has better XSLT styles to make it easier to read by human.


RSS enhancements

You can add custom contents to the beginning or the end of your post in rss feed. This feature can be used to help your blog in multiple ways. I am thinking about adding some ads there.


So, this is my experience with WordPress SEO plugin. I am looking forward to knowing more about it and exploiting its full potential.

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